Welcome To Gautam Nursing Home

Dr. D.S Gautam Chairman, Gautam Nursing Home
The heart of our endeavour is to bring quality healthcare at affordable cost closer to the people we serve, delivered with care and compassion. While recognizing the importance of constant technology up gradation, we lay great focus on the men behind the machines… we strongly believe that healthcare is all about loving care rendered through warm human touch… recruiting, training and retaining highly skilled healthcare professionals who are compassionate is our greatest challenge and asset. Quality Assurance is another very important corner stone of the organization.

Healthcare is now called an industry by many.... while it is important that there has to be profits for sustainability of investments, maintaining the human face of this noble professions the core... I strongly believe that profit should be by product and not a goal in healthcare. I also feel that healthcare and philanthropy are two sides of the same coin and as a responsible social organization, a helping hand to the under privileged in the society is to be extended by all those who are active in this domain.

Knowledge is the future… in our quest for excellence; we shall be allocating significant resources to Medical Education and Research.